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About the Vulnerability Research Handbook

I create this Handbook as a resource, the kind I wish I had when I first started to do Vulnerability Research. My hope is that if you're reading this then you too are like me, trying to figure out how-to get started with Vulnerability Research and that this Handbook will be a good guide to point you in the right direction and get you up to speed quickly.

Additionally, with all the hype around Bug Bounties, I sometimes feel like it's easy to forget the point of participating in Cybersecurity, it's really about helping to identify security vulnerabilities that present a risk to people and systems.

Don't get me wrong, making money from your research and time is important and warranted, but there are so many other ways to help out and a lot of those ways involve less money or no money, but it can be just as satisfying.

Ultimately, everyone has there own motivations and reasons for doing their particular research, but for me I enjoy the technical challenge and the means by which to leave the world a little bit better, and safer than how I found it.

This Handbook is meant to be a living document, so please feel free to either Create a new Issue or even Create a Pull Request or even just send me a message about your thoughts on Twitter @garthhumphreys

Vulnerability Research Handbook